Answers to 40 questions from Airstreamers!

From electrical and solar, to plumbing, battery power, door slamming and more, Rich Luhr answered dozens of Airstreamer-submitted questions on Zoom during our fall "Ask Me Anything!" event.

A few examples

  1. We have BattleBorn lithium batteries. How do we know the Airstream's batteries are charging at the proper voltage?
  2. We have solar panels on the rooftop of the Airstream. Assuming there's been sun, and we use the battery sparingly for other things, how long can we expect to run the AC before running down the battery?
  3. How often do solar panels need to be replaced? How many can I put on my Airstream trailer?
  4. Why does my water pump pulse sometimes when I turn on a faucet?
  5. Our fresh water level measurement is way off at times. Is there any practical way to fix this?
  6. My Airstream is in a covered, enclosed, non-heated garage in PA with electricity access. I winterized with fluids. Do I keep the power cord plugged in? Do I turn on the power inside the trailer? What is needed for the batteries?
  7. You never suggest covering an Airstream with a soft fabric cover, there must be a logical reason! Why not?

Watch the video of this "Ask Me Anything" event

You'll learn the answers to these 7 – plus 33 other – questions, links to 5 supporting blogs, and 2 resources many Airstream owners don't realize they can use to get accurate answers and advice.

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Jeffery Hammonds

Jeffery Hammonds

“If you are comfortable then your Airstream is comfortable.” An excellent, an accurate, way to state Airstreaming in the winter. Thanks

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