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Why wait weeks for a custom Airstream teak mat? Ours ship in 1-2 business days!

22FB / 23FB Airstream Teak Shower Mat22FB / 23FB Airstream Teak Shower Mat
25RB / 28RB / 30RB Rectangle Airstream Teak Shower Mat25RB / 28RB / 30RB Rectangle Airstream Teak Shower Mat
25FB / 27FB / 30RB L-shape Airstream Teak Shower Mat25FB / 27FB / 30RB L-shape Airstream Teak Shower Mat
Corner Bath Airstream Teak Shower Mat (2003-2020)Corner Bath Airstream Teak Shower Mat (2003-2020)

What's in your campground water?

Depending on where you travel, the ground water can contain anything from sand particles and hydrogen sulfide to bacterial microbes. All of these contribute to poor quality taste, and some even have health impacts. 

That's why we travel with and recommend the Blu Technology Water Filtration System – which delivers better quality, better tasting water at the tap.

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Here's why Airstream and other RV owners love the Blu Tech system

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Basic Equipment and Tool Kit Checklist for Airstream and RV

Basic Equipment & Tool Kit Checklist

The list of things you could pack into your Airstream is endless. Thankfully, the list of essential and extremely handy items is much shorter.

Start with these basics and add to your travel tool bag as you identify specific needs.

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Upgrade the security and look of your Airstream compartment locks

Did you know that thousands of RVers have the key to your exterior compartments? That's because these locks use universal keys CH751, 001, or RS141.

Our popular Compartment Lock Upgrade is selected from a limited series, making your compartments much more secure.

Upgrade my locks!

Travel prepared: Get our exclusive Tire Changing Kit at a new, lower price!

Our popular, exclusive kit is now just $99

Includes all the tools needed for Airstream trailers and most other RV brand travel trailers. Also includes a safety vest, tire gauge, and instructions – all in a padded storage bag.

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