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Upgrade the look of your locks and the security of your stuff

Replace your black OEM locks with our elegant, more secure upgrade

Unlike the standard locks that anyone with a CH751, RS141 or 001 key can open, your locks are randomly selected from 50+ variants, making it unlikely that someone in the campground has the same lock you do.

Upgrade my locks!

What do you need to know about RV drinking water hoses?

Quite a lot, actually!

For example, is the hose you're using rated for hot water, or only cold? Can it withstand high water pressure? Is it made of vinyl, which can make the water taste weird and can leach toxins into the water you're using? What type of fittings does it have–high quality metal, or plastic? How heavy is it? Does it easily kink?

Read our blog, The secrets of drinking water hoses to learn more.

Airstream and RV owners rave about the Ultimate RV Water Hose because of its advantages over the standard "white water" RV hose:

  • Won't develop pinhole leaks – even if you freeze it or run over it with your truck
  • Does not kink! And coils itself for easy storage
  • Super lightweight – no more lugging, plus it comes with a storage bag
  • Withstands pressure up to 375 psi
  • Made with chrome-plated, lead-free brass fittings 
  • 100% free of toxic chemicals such as lead, BPA, and phthalates
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Tire Changing KitTire Changing Kit
Tire Changing Kit
Sale price$ 129.00
Ultimate RV Water HoseUltimate RV Water Hose
Ultimate RV Water Hose
Sale priceFrom $ 79.00
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AIR GEAR Sun ShadeAIR GEAR Sun Shade
AIR GEAR Sun Shade
Sale priceFrom $ 169.00
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Maintenance Essentials KitMaintenance Essentials Kit
Maintenance Essentials Kit
Sale priceFrom $ 89.00
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Rivet Replacement KitRivet Replacement Kit
Rivet Replacement Kit
Sale price$ 119.00
TST Tire Pressure Monitoring SystemTST Tire Pressure Monitoring System
TST Tire Pressure Monitoring System
Sale priceFrom $ 284.00
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Save 22%
GasStop Gas Safety Shut-OffGasStop Gas Safety Shut-Off
GasStop Gas Safety Shut-Off
Sale priceFrom $ 69.00 Regular price$ 87.99
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AIR GEAR Power Cord Storage BagAIR GEAR Power Cord Storage Bag
AIR GEAR Power Cord Storage Bag
Sale priceFrom $ 25.00
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Trailer Deadbolt Key PRE-CUT
Trailer Deadbolt Key PRE-CUT
Sale price$ 24.00
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Progressive EMS Power ProtectorProgressive EMS Power Protector
Progressive EMS Power Protector
Sale priceFrom $ 239.57
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Airstream Compartment Lock UpgradeAirstream Compartment Lock Upgrade
Airstream Compartment Lock Upgrade
Sale priceFrom $ 59.00
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