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We've restocked our warehouse! Get our no-maintenance teak mats at the BEST prices – guaranteed

22FB / 23FB Airstream Teak Shower Mat22FB / 23FB Airstream Teak Shower Mat
25RB / 28RB / 30RB Rectangle Airstream Teak Shower Mat25RB / 28RB / 30RB Rectangle Airstream Teak Shower Mat
25FB / 27FB / 30RB L-shape Airstream Teak Shower Mat25FB / 27FB / 30RB L-shape Airstream Teak Shower Mat
Corner Bath Airstream Teak Shower Mat (2003-2020)Corner Bath Airstream Teak Shower Mat (2003-2020)

Who has the keys to your exterior compartments?

Millions of Airstream and other brand RV owners, that's who!

That's because the standard compartment lock opens with universal CH751, 001, or RS141 keys.

Secure the safety of your valuable gear and improve the look of exterior compartments with our popular Compartment Lock Upgrade.

These locks are selected from a limited series, making your compartments much more secure. Plus, the chrome won't fade or crack like the black OEM locks.

Upgrade my locks!

Supplement your solar capacity this season with the AIR GEAR Portable Solar Kit

Best quality and price in its class

  • Lightest weight – 19 lbs!
  • Higher gauge wiring
  • A better charge controller (MPPT)
  • Longest extension cord – 25 ft
  • A temperature sensor

Super fast setup – start collecting energy from the sun in minutes!


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