We design and curate best-in-class products that help Airstream and other RV owners travel safer and smarter

Our goal is to make the RV travel experience awesome

  • Our maintenance, safety, and upgrade solutions address the unique needs of Airstream and other RV owners. 
  • We test each product in our own Airstream before we sell it in our store.
  • When a product we want to carry doesn't exist, we develop it ourselves. For example we originated the market for Airstream teak shower mats, developed the first tire changing kit for Airstream trailers, designed the ultimate RV Water Hose and Compartment Lock Upgrade, and created a line of DIY kits and gear organization bags. We are also the world's only retailer that stocks 200+ spare keys for Airstream entry doors.

Our products and recommendations are based on first-hand experience

Co-owner Rich Luhr is a nationally-known expert who has been Airstreaming for nearly 20 years, three of them full-time. Rich is the author of the Newbie's Guide to Airstreaming and The (Nearly) Complete Guide to Airstream Maintenance. He has restored Airstream trailers and managed 27 major Airstream events such as Alumapalooza

Rich is also the publisher of Airstream Life magazine

We're contributors to the community

Our mission is to help people enjoy the Airstream and RV life by traveling safer and smarter. We are authors, educators, Airstream Club International members, and active contributors to the Airstream and RV community.

Our blogs, guides, and videos to give people practical guidance from the lessons we’ve learned.

Our content is credible and accurate

We are educators–not entertainers or influencers–which means we place a high value on providing accurate information and advice.

Our blogs, videos, and guides are based on research, facts, manufacturer's manuals, and primary source documentation. Our co-founders have both been writing how-to books, blogs, articles, and guides for more than 25 years, and believe in the importance of fact checking. 

Until October 1, 2022, AIR GEAR was known as the Airstream Life Store.

The owners are the same–only the name has changed.