Solar panel extension cable, 25 feet with Anderson connectors

Sale price$ 59.00


Need to position your portable solar panels a little further away, to reach a sunny spot? Our Portable Solar Kit comes with 25 feet of cable, but if you need more you can add this 25 foot extension cable for a total of 50 feet of range!

This premium-quality cable is:

  • made with heavy-duty 8 gauge wiring to reduce electrical losses

  • fitted with Anderson SB50 connectors which are compatible with the Portable Solar Kits we have sold for the last several years

  • compatible with other brands of solar panels and power stations that have Anderson SB50 connectors

Note: the color of the cables may be solid black instead of the orange/red scheme in the photos.

Please be sure your portable solar panel has Anderson connectors like the ones shown in the photos.

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