Blu Tech MR Water Filtration System

Model: MR2 (2-stage water filter)
Sale price$ 399.99


This is the water filtration system Airstream and RV owners have been waiting for

Super lightweight and so small it fits in an exterior compartment, the Blu Technology system gives you high quality, better tasting water without sacrificing water flow rate

What's in your campground water?

Depending on where you travel, the ground water can contain anything from sand particles and hydrogen sulfide to bacterial microbes. All of these contribute to poor quality taste, and some even have health impacts. 

We've tested several water filtration systems over the years but the size, weight, and set up was a pain so we ditched them. And, the cheap in-line charcoal filters you'll find at RV stores can't deliver serious water purity.

The Blu Tech system is a game-changer

Designed specifically for RVs, system set up is dead simple, our water tastes sensational, and it's so small it fits in a small Airstream exterior compartment.

The Blu Tech system removes particles down to about 0.2 Micron. That's about 100x smaller than standard RV inline water filters. (In layman's terms that means even teeny tiny particles and microbes don't get into your water.) 

Why we love this system

  • Gives us clean, great-tasting water at the tap - no more hauling purified water
  • Lightweight - easy for anyone to handle
  • Fits in the exterior compartment
  • Comes with a custom carry bag - with room for accessories
  • Super fast set-up - the two quick-connects (included) make setup a snap
  • No reduction in water flow- enjoy the same high flow rate into your Airstream
  • Built to last - constructed with UV-resistant and corrosion-resistant materials

Designed for RVers and made in the USA

Due to state regulations this product is not for sale in CA, WI, or IA.

What's included in the Blu Technology systems

1. A complete 2-stage or 3-stage water filtration system

The MR2 is a 2-stage RV/Campground water filter system with the 0.2 Micron High Flow Filter* and the Carbon Charcoal/Coconut Shell “TASTY” Filter.

The MR3 adds the Sediment “LONGEVITY” Filter, which makes the filters last longer and reduces the frequency of filter changes.

2. Carry bag

The custom carry bag protects the unit from scratches, and has an extra pocket for water accessories. The system can be used while it is in the bag, so you never have to remove it.

3. Water hose quick connects

Made of stainless steel, the quick connects are a one-time install that allows you to quickly connect to any water hose. 

4. Filter housing key

A handy tool that lets you easily loosen the filter housing rings to change the filter.


      5. First set of filters

      The Blu Technology system comes with filters already installed in the stainless steel canisters. The Granular Activated Carbon Coconut Shell "TASTY” Filter will be in the canister by the inlet, and the 0.2 Micron High Flow Filter will be in the canister by the outlet. (MR3 includes Sediment filter pre-installed too)

      Replacement filters are available from AIR GEAR.

      Manufacturer's specifications

      • DESIGNED FOR RVs: The included stainless steel Quick Connects allow you to quickly connect your hose. Setup is a breeze, and you can filter 1,000+ gallons a day with a high flow rate.
      • DURABLE AND LIGHTWEIGHT: The lightweight frame is built to be durable and long-lasting. With corrosion-resistant stainless steel canisters and stainless quick connects, the MR2 and MR3 can withstand rain or shine!
      • COMPACT DESIGN: 5-inch filters allow the system to be significantly smaller than conventional systems with 10-inch filters, allowing the MR2 and MR3 to fit in any Airstream exterior compartment. 

      MR2 (2-stage filter)

      • Dimensions (LxWxH): 11" x 6" x 8.125" - Fits in any Airstream trailer exterior compartment!
      • Weight: 7 pounds, 11 ounces (3.49 kg)
      • For use in temperatures: 40°F-125°F
      • Filter Life: 2-4 Months**

      MR3 (3-stage filter)

      • Dimensions (LxWxH): 15" x 6" x  8.125"
      • Weight: 13 pounds
      • For use in temperatures: 40°F-125°F
      • Filter Life: 3-4 Months**

      *0.2 Micron Filter claims are based on manufacturer representation

      **Depending on turbidity of water

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