GasStop Gas Safety Shut-Off

Option: GasStop with Airstream Installation Kit
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Are you protected against a major propane leak?

Road debris, a traffic accident, or even mischievous rodents can all cause an Airstream's gas line to rupture. And if you travel with the propane running so your refrigerator stays cold, you're at an even greater risk.  

Get peace of mind with GasStop!

Attach one GasStop to each propane tank, and this essential safety device instantly and automatically shuts off the flow of gas in the event of a major leak–such as in the case of an accident, or a piece of road debris that hits the underside of the trailer while traveling.

Fits all Airstream trailers

If you have an aluminum-bodied trailer, you'll need our Airstream Installation Kit with each GasStop you install. 

The kit comes with a 90 degree propane hose, brass adapter, Teflon tape and instructions about how to replace your standard propane hose with the 90 degree hose. If you reuse your standard propane hose, you won't be able to put the propane tank cover on, with GasStop installed.

If you have a Basecamp or Nest you'll only need the GasStop device.

Attaches directly to each propane tank

Because the GasStop device is attached at the propane tank, you'll need to purchase one GasStop for each propane tank you want to protect. We highly recommend purchasing 2, so that both tanks are protected.

Bonus features

Gas pressure indicator - each GasStop has a pressure gauge to let you know when your propane is running low. Although the indicator does not tell you the exact amount of propane in the tank, it does indicate when the level is low and it's time to fill the tank.

Tests for minor interior gas leaks - GasStop can be used to test for minor leaks that may exist inside the Airstream or throughout the propane system. We demonstrate the quick, 5-step process in this video.

Easy to install yourself

Complete instructions are included and the process takes minutes, as shown in our installation video below.

Once the GasStop device is installed, simply pump the GasStop valve 4-5 times to get the propane flowing through it, and you are all set.

After installation, there's nothing more to do. GasStop works instantly and automatically to shut off the gas and help keep you safe.

Common questions

Will GasStop fit inside my propane tank cover?

With a regular propane hose, no. But with our exclusive Airstream Installation Kit, yes. We include a 90 degree hose, parts, and instructions so that you can easily get the tank cover back on with GasStop installed. 

How many GasStops / Airstream Installation Kits with GasStops do I need?

Each propane tank needs its own GasStop device. If you have two propane tanks we recommend purchasing two. 

What's in the Airstream Installation Kit?

Our kit includes a special replacement propane hose with 90 degree angle, brass adapter with built-in backflow check, Teflon tape, and instructions.

Will GasStop fit my Airstream motorhome?

GasStop does not fit Interstate or Atlas. The device must be attached directly to the propane tank, before the regulator. If you don't have access to the tank, you can't use GasStop.

If you have an older Airstream Class A motorhome with POL connections, click here.

I heard the OPD valve does the same thing as GasStop—is that true?

No. The OPD (Overfill Protection Device) will prevent overfilling of the tanks and leaks—but only when the tank is not connected to your propane system. The OPD device is overridden when the tanks are connected to a hose, so it won't help at all when the gas is in use.

Why is this better than a cheap Camco, Doyzant, Flame King, etc?

Excess Flow Valves such as those will limit gas flow by about 90-95% but they do not completely shut off gas flow. Only the GasStop is designed for this task.

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