6 how-to guides Airstreamers will love

Yes, you really can maintain and make minor repairs to your Airstream!

These practical posts and videos give you the information and details necessary to tackle the job with confidence.

1. 9 easy repairs you can do yourself – really

There are many awesome things about an Airstream, and one of them is that most repairs can be done with very few tools and products. This blog breaks down 9 of the most common repairs and explains how to do them yourself.

2. Solar – simplified! A guide to the basics

Most Airstreams come equipped with rooftop solar panels these days. For many new Airstreamers, this is their first experience with solar power.

If you are wondering what you can run on solar, what the inverter does, or how to know how much power you have, this blog is a great resource for you. It's also useful for those who are determining the size of solar system they need, or whether to go solar vs. generator. 

3. How to troubleshoot a water leak

A water leak is one of the most insidious and certain killers of Airstreams. It should be at the top of every Airstreamers list of "things to worry about."

Regardless of the type of leak you suspect–interior, exterior, plumbing– this blog plus troubleshooting checklist helps you understand what do to, and how to address the problem promptly

4. How to de-squeak your Airstream

This "Stop the Squeak!" video has been one of our most popular. It explains the 9 places your Airstream needs to be lubed, how to how to do it yourself, and the type of products needed. Make this check-up part of your regular maintenance routine.

5. How to sanitize the fresh water tank

Why sanitize the fresh water tank? If you don’t, bacteria can grow and that’s never a good thing. The sanitizing procedure is pretty straightforward, but it can intimidate many Airstreamers–especially newbies. 

We recommend sanitizing the system at least a couple of times a year, or more often if you travel frequently. Here's the simple step-by-step procedure we use in our own Airstream

6. How to remove adhesive decals from your Airstream's exterior

If you've ever tried to remove a vinyl decal from an Airstream travel trailer, you know how hard it is using chemicals such as Goo Gone, xylene, toluene, MEK, etc. A 3M Adhesive Eraser Wheel works quickly and fairly easily and won't damage the clearcoat on your trailer. This 2-minute video demonstrates how to do it.

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Les Croland

Les Croland

Love these videos. Very helpful and informative.

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