AIR GEAR Maintenance Essentials Kit

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Fix common problems in seconds or minutes and prevent an interruption to your trip

This popular kit includes 14 “little things” that provide cheap insurance against common issues that happen on the road. We've organized them all in a custom-designed kit bag that has extra room for your favorite fix-it items.

This exclusive kit includes what you need to:

  • Restore electrical connections to brake and trailer lights
  • Fix seals and squeaks throughout the Airstream
  • Stop leaks at threaded water and gas fittings
  • Replace a 12-volt fuse
  • Fix drawers that won’t close all the way
  • Fixed stripped screws
  • Replace a bathroom door handle that’s fallen off
  • And more!

Plus, a guide that explains where in your Airstream you can use each item for maintenance and small repairs, and how to use it.


Sure, you could spend your time running around town (or the Internet) to find and purchase all these items. But you'll be hard pressed to find many of them in small sizes. We’ve filled this kit with the most relevant maintenance items for the typical Airstreamer, in sizes that make sense for having handy on the road.


  • Aerospace 303 Protectant — Fixes sticky rubber seals around vent fans, windows, and doors
  • Boeshield T-9 — Fixes squeaky or stiff metal hinges, stabilizers, & awning parts
  • An assortment of spare blade fuses – 10-amp (1), 15-amp (4), 20-amp (1), and 30-amp (1)
  • Fuse puller tool 
  • Teflon tape — Stops leaks at threaded water and gas fittings
  • Spare #8 screws  — Two lengths included; used in many places in an Airstream
  • Blue threadlocker — Used for securing screws that repeatedly come out
  • 2 Allen wrenches – Sized for fixing the Airstream's bathroom door handle and wall-mounted items
  • Burnishing tool  — For cleaning electrical connectors
  • DeOxit — For cleaning electrical connectors
  • Dielectric grease — For protecting electrical connectors
  • Cabinet latches – To fix the common problem of doors and drawers that no longer close completely in an Airstream
  • Silicone hose washer replacement –  Fixes a water hose that leaks at the fitting
  • Small spray bottle — Fill with soapy water to find propane leaks easily

Take a look inside...


All of the pieces in this kit come in a small, zippered kit bag for easy storage. We designed the bag with several compartments for organization and a bit of extra room for your own personal “fix-it” items.

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