AIR GEAR Rivet Replacement Kit

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Replacing a rivet is a normal and occasional maintenance task for Airstream owners. The good news is – it's easy

All you need are the right rivets and drill bits, the best quality rivet tool available, and our simple how-to instructions. 

Our Rivet Replacement Kit includes:

  • The 3 most common types of rivets for interior and belly pan replacement (25 of each)
  • A Marson SP-2 rivet tool with a swivel head that allows you to replace rivets in tight or curved places
  • 3 drill bits 
  • A durable kit bag for easy storage

Why the kit includes drill bits in addition to rivets

Sometimes you'll need to drill out part of an old rivet or enlarge the rivet hole for a larger size rivet. Our kit includes the three drill bits sized for the rivets in the kit. These are the most common rivets used in Airstreams:

  • #30 drill bit for small pop rivets found on the interior of an Airstream
  • #20 drill bit for medium pop rivets used for enlarged holes
  • #11 drill bit for large "button head" rivets used for belly pan repairs

Rivet replacement is easy with our instructions

We include a step-by-step guide in the kit, which explains how to remove and replace a rivet. It's easy to learn, and easy to do.

Watch our 90-second video about how to replace a rivet:

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