GasStop Shut-Off for Motorhomes (POL version)

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Do you travel in your Airstream or RV with the propane on?

RV safety experts always recommend turning the propane gas off during travel. But if you leave the gas on because you hate arriving at a campsite with melted ice cream and warm beer, GasStop can add a safety factor. 

GasStop is a 100% emergency shut-off device for propane gas. In the event of a major leak—perhaps caused by an accident—GasStop will instantly and automatically shut off the flow of gas.

This version fits motorhome POL connections only, such as those found on most Class A and some Class C motorhomes. If you have an Airstream trailer, click here.

IMPORTANT: This device does NOT fit Airstream Interstate or Atlas. GasStop needs to be attached directly to the propane tank, before the regulator. If you don't have access to the tank, you can't use GasStop.

Bonus gas pressure indicator

In addition to being a great safety device, each GasStop has a pressure gauge to let you know when your propane is running low.

Tests for leaks

GasStop can also be used to test for minor leaks prior to use. It's quick and easy, so you can check that your gas system is leak-free anytime.


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