Micro-Air Easy-Touch Digital Thermostat

Type: Dometic
Color: Black
Sale price$ 239.00


Confounded about how to work the digital thermostat that came with your Airstream or RV?

Need to adjust and monitor temperature while you're out? This is the product for you!

So many people asked us how to program the thermostat we wrote this blog.

Then, when several Airstreamers told us about this upgraded thermostat from Micro-Air, we installed one in our own trailer.

What we like about the Easy Touch

  • A large color touch screen makes using it extremely easy to program
  • The thermostat automatically figures out what features your Airstream or RV has (air conditioning, furnace, heat pump, etc) and configures itself, so setup is a no-brainer. 
  • It installs easily with just a few tools
  • You can access the thermostat remotely to monitor the interior temperature and change temperature settings (optional) – useful for those who travel with pets

Watch our installation video and see how easy it is to install this product. Plus, we share a few important tips and tricks that aren't included in the manufacturer's instructions.

Setting up remote access (through WiFi or Bluetooth) is OPTIONAL

To control the temperature remotely, you can connect the Easy Touch to your phone using Bluetooth or WiFi (if you have a WiFi hotspot). Bluetooth allows you to use your phone as a remote control while you're near the Airstream. The WiFi connection allows you to control the temperature, monitor the temperature, and even get alerts, anywhere there's cell service. GREAT FOR PETS!

If you don't connect the thermostat to your phone, all functions are still available using the thermostat's touch screen.

IMPORTANT: This product only replaces Airstream-installed Dometic, GE, or Coleman RV Comfort digital thermostats like the ones below. If your thermostat does not look like one of these pictures, Easy Touch will not fit your Airstream. 

 Replaces these original models
(May be black or white)






  • Dimensions: Width: 4.00 inches x Height: 3.05 inches
  • Installation template, screws, screw caps, etc included with the kit
  • Dometic and Coleman model are compatible with single- or dual-zone air conditioners
  • GE model is compatible with single-zone air conditioners

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