Progressive EMS Power Protector

Model: 50-amp
Sale price$ 229.00


Protect your AC, microwave, and other devices from electrical damage!

Just a few minutes of low voltage from campground power can burn out your air conditioner—and a power surge can do far more damage in milliseconds.

Any campground can have problems with power. Damaged outlets, loose connections, incorrect wiring and low voltage are common. The best way to protect the electronics in your Airstream is with a full Electrical Management System (EMS) that guards against:

  • voltage too high or too low
  • mis-wiring or poor wiring connections
  • reversed polarity
  • electrical surges

How it works

The portable unit plugs in to the campground pedestal and instantly checks the power. If everything's OK, it allows power to flow to your Airstream after a timed delay. Then it monitors the power supply constantly. If the power goes out of spec, the Progressive EMS instantly intervenes to protect your Airstream, and reconnects when it's safe. Simply choose the model that matches your Airstream's power cord, either 30-amp or 50-amp.

Why it's "smarter" than a surge protector

  • Performs a multi-point safety check before connecting the Airstream to power
  • Constantly monitors voltage while you're plugged in
  • Shuts off power flow to the Airstream when there's a brownout or surge
  • Automatically runs a safety check before restoring the power connection

Additional quality features

  • Integrated, metal loop that enables you to lock the unit to a post
  • Integrated splash protector
  • Thermal protection
  • Adjustable time delay
  • Digital readout
  • Warrantied by the manufacturer for life!


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