TST Tire Pressure Monitoring System

Number of sensors: 2 sensors
Sensor type: Cap sensor
Sale price$ 284.00


While you're towing, it's almost impossible to feel when a trailer tire loses  pressure

Don't risk a blowout–get a TPMS

Most people find out far too late after fragments of tire have torn the body of the Airstream or caused damage to their RV. The result can cost thousands of dollars.

The best way to prevent damage is with a good quality tire pressure monitoring system (TPMS). We think a TPMS is so important that when you buy a TPMS from us, we'll program the system and pair the sensors for you - absolutely free.  

How a TPMS works

A TPMS monitors the air pressure and temperature in your tires. When either pressure or temperature go out of spec, the system alerts you so you can pull over and prevent a much bigger problem.

Our pick: TST

There are many TPMSs on the market, but we like the TST system best. Here's why:

  • The monitor is cordless and rechargeable
  • Easy to secure with a windshield or dash mount
  • The monitor's color display is clear and bright – even in sunlight
  • When tire pressure goes below a certain threshold, the TST system alerts you with a visual signal and an audible alarm so you can pull over safely and determine what's going on

Watch how to set up and use the TST system in this short video

High reliability

Some of the other tire pressure monitors we've tried are cheaper, but they aren't always reliable. A dropped signal or inaccurate reading can make a system useless, so it's never a cost savings to buy a cheap tire pressure monitor!

Our TST systems come with an easy-to-install signal booster/repeater to guarantee reliable signal at all times.

Easy to use, easy to maintain

If you're comparing these systems, also ask how much it costs to replace the batteries in the sensors when they run down—or if you can even do it yourself. Some other brands require you to send the sensors into the manufacturer for replacement at considerable cost. TST sensor batteries are easily replaced by you.

Installation is simple. You just unscrew the caps on the tire stems, screw on the sensors, and then program the monitor with the locations of the sensors. It takes just a few minutes.

We'll set it up for you! Just indicate the tire pressure you plan to run. Your system will be ready to go out of the box! 

Each system includes a three-year warranty from TST, and toll-free customer assistance at 770-889-9102.

How to choose the right TPMS system for your rig:

If you have a single axle trailer, choose a 2-sensor cap system.

If you have a tandem or triple axle trailer, choose a 4-sensor or 6-sensor system.

An 8-sensor system is available for outfitting truck and trailer at the same time.

If you need more than 8 sensors you can add them here.

Cap Sensors vs. Flow-Through Sensors

The cap sensor system is recommended for most trailers, and does not require upgrading your valve stems to metal stems. You can install cap sensors on rubber valve stems.

If you have a motorhome with metal valve stems, cap sensors are an appropriate solution, but for ease of adding air to the tires, you may choose to purchase flow-through sensors instead. You can purchase these directly from TST.

NOTE: We only recommend "flow-through" sensors for motorhomes with metal valve stems. Metal stems are required for flow-through sensors.

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